Saint John the Evangelist’s Vision of Jerusalem

Saint John the Evangelist’s Vision of Jerusalem

Alonso Cano

  • Year created: 1635-1638
  • Creator: Alonso Cano
  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Dimensions: 82.6 x 43.8
  • Collection: Paintings
  • Gallery: Great Gallery

A highly skilled painter, sculptor and architect, Alonso Cano made tremendous contributions to each of these art forms. This small panel depicts the Vision of Saint John as related in the Book of Revelation. John is kneeling before an angel, who will guide him through ‘Heavenly Jerusalem’ seen in the background. Cano’s dramatic modelling with light and shadow gives the figures a three-dimensional quality reminiscent of sculptures in a niche. The painting was part of a larger retable which included such polychrome sculptures.

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Angel guides man who kneels in front of him

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