Meet the Expert


Meet the Expert

Meet The Expert

Each month a member of the Curatorial Department explores ​their specialist area of the Collection in four different ways. 

The month begins with a short ​online Gallery Trail highlighting a handful of unmissable objects from the Wallace Collection. Works in Context is a longer article explaining the meaning of those objects within a larger social or historical context, and sets the scene for Expert’s Choice, a short film that delves deeply into the story behind one object. The works of art, why they are important, and their histories are explored more in a free ​online public lecture on the third Thursday of the month.

Lucy Davis: Rubens's Great Landscapes

This month, Curator of British and Flemish Paintings, Lucy Davis, explores the ways in which Rubens developed the tradition of landscape painting and how oil sketches were an important part of his creative process.

Join us on Thursday 17 June for our latest free online Meet the Expert talk from Lucy exploring Rubens: Reuniting the Great Landscapes exhibition. This event has live captioning available, provided by Stagetext.

Detail of a painting showing cows and milkmaids in a landscape

The Rainbow Landscape by Rubens

Lucy Davis, Curator of Flemish and British Paintings, explores Rubens’s Rainbow Landscape, a magnificent oil painting created for his country house in Brabant.

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Ada de Wit: Sir Richard Wallace’s Cabinet of Treasures

Our Curator of Works of Art and Sculpture, Ada de Wit, looks at the concept of Kunstkammer or cabinet of curiosities and how this Renaissance tradition of collecting exceptional treasures from around the world was interpreted in the late nineteenth century by collectors such as Sir Richard Wallace.

A wooden triptych sculpture carved with the Adoration of the Magi


Find out more about this miniature boxwood triptych showing The Adoration of the Magi with Curator of Works of Art and Sculpture, Ada de Wit

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Félix Zorzo: The Ground Colours of Sèvres Porcelain

Curatorial Assistant Félix Zorzo delves into the wide range of ground colours used by the Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory in eighteenth-century Paris. From deep blue to bright pink, the intensity and variety of colours with which Sèvres artisans covered their creations set them apart from competitors, and helped establish a particularly French style.

Tune into Félix Zorzo's free online lecture, The Ground Colours of Sèvres Porcelain, now live on YouTube.

To continue learning about Sèvres porcelain, take a look at our online course, Modern and Contemporary Sèvres: Innovation Through Tradition

Plate from a tea service with pink and gold surrounding an image of birds in a tree

A Sèvres Porcelain Tea Service with 'Rose Marbré' Decoration

Find out more about a Sèvres porcelain tea service decorated with a dazzling pink marbled effect from Curatorial Assistant Félix Zorzo

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Suzanne Higgott: Venetian Glass in the Wallace Collection

Our Curator of Glass, Limoges Painted Enamels, Earthenware and Early Furniture, Suzanne Higgott, explores the Venetian Glass of the Wallace Collection and the history of its popularity with nineteenth-century collectors in two exciting entries into the series.

Tune into Suzanne Higgotts's free online lecture, The Magic of Venetian Glass, now live on YouTube.

Glass goblet with yellow detail

A French Renaissance Enamelled Glass

Find out more about the meaning and possible function of this enchanting object in this Meet the Expert film

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Natalia Muñoz-Rojas: Philip IV’s Court

Our Enriqueta Harris Frankfort Curatorial Assistant, Natalia Muñoz-Rojas, explores the Wallace Collection's masterpieces attributed to Velázquez and his school, the history behind the Habsburgs and the Spanish Empire, and the splendid artworks of the Court of Philip IV.

Tune into Natalia Muñoz-Rojas's free online lecture, Velázquez or Mazo? Philip IV Court Painters, now live on YouTube.

Treasure of the Month: Prince Baltasar Carlos in the Riding School

Prince Baltasar Carlos in the Riding School

Discover one of our most charming yet mysterious paintings attributed to Velázquez’s studio.

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Helen Jacobsen: Riesener in the Nineteenth Century

Our Curator of French Eighteenth-Century Decorative Arts, Dr Helen Jacobsen, explores Riesener's masterworks currently housed at the Wallace Collection, as well as the appetite for Riesener's craftsmanship in the nineteenth-century Collector's market.

Tune into Dr Helen Jacobsen's free online lecture, Copies, Fakes and Reproductions: A closer look at works in the Wallace Collection, now live on YouTube.

Copy of the bureau du roi of Louis XV.jpeg

The Art of the Copy

Discover the story behind Lord Hertford's desk with our Curator of French Eighteenth-Century Decorative Arts, Dr Helen Jacobsen.

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Tobias Capwell: Armour as Renaissance Art

Curator of Arms and Armour, Dr Tobias Capwell, explores the materials and techniques found in the breath-taking European Armouries as well as taking us on a tour of some of the greatest armours on display in the Collection in his digital trail, Armour as Renaissance Art.

Beasts and Heroes: Masked Visors in the Wallace Collection

Armour as Renaissance Art

Dr Tobias Capwell, the Wallace Collection's Curator of Arms and Armour​, introduces a grotesque visor from a close-helmet.

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