The Horn of St Hubert

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The Horn of St Hubert

France or Southern Netherlands

Information about The Horn of St Hubert

  • Year created: Second half of the 15th century
  • Creator: unknown
  • Country of Origin: France or Southern Netherlands
  • Dimensions: 32 x 37 cm
  • Collection: Works of Art
  • Gallery: Sixteenth Century Gallery

This horn was considered an important relic of St Hubert (c. 656–727), the patron of huntsmen, and was once richly decorated. It was reputedly being used by the saint while hunting, when he experienced a vision of a stag with a crucifix between its antlers.

In 1468 the relic was given by the Bishop of Liège to Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. A chapel dedicated to St Hubert was built to house the horn at Chauvirey-le-Châtel, in France, where it remained for centuries until it was sold to Sir Richard Wallace in 1879.

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