Armour for Man and Horse

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Armour for Man and Horse

Landshut, c. 1480

Information about Armour for Man and Horse

  • Year created: c. 1480
  • Creator: Possibly Ulrich Rämbs
  • Country of Origin: Germany
  • Weight: 27.161kg (man's armour); 30.07kg (horse's armour); 10.17kg (mail)
  • Collection: Arms and Armour
  • Gallery: European Armoury II

This impressive equestrian armour embodies the splendour and power of the medieval knight.

The horse is a very fast and very strong animal; trained for war and almost completely armoured in hardened steel plates, it becomes a fearsome weapon.

European armour of any kind dating from before the sixteenth century is extremely uncommon, but near-complete horse armour is rarer still. In fact there are only three in the world, including this one.

Full length photograph of a medieval knight on an armoured horse from the left
A21, Armour for Man and Horse, Landshut, c. 1480

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