The Avignon Clock

The Avignon Clock

Pierre Gouthière

  • Year created: 1771
  • Creator: Pierre Gouthière
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Dimensions: 68.5 x 59 x 33.8 cm
  • Gallery: Oval Drawing Room

An extraordinary example of the skills of Parisian bronze workers, this clock was made by the most famous of them all, Pierre Gouthière. More of a work of sculpture than a clock case, its rich gilding would have glittered magnificently in the candle light of an eighteenth-century house. Gouthiere has managed to create different textures to the skin, feathers, rocks and water of the subject.

F258 detail, Avignon Clock, Pierre Gouthière

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F258, Avignon Clock, Pierre Gouthière
F258, The Avignon Clock, Pierre Gouthière