An Acrobat

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An Acrobat

Attributed to Barthélemy Prieur

Information about An Acrobat

  • Year created: c. 1600
  • Creator: Attributed to Barthélemy Prieur
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Dimensions: Statuette height: 29.2 cm
  • Collection: Works of Art
  • Gallery: Sixteenth Century Gallery

The theme of a man performing a handstand is unprecedented in sculpture. The sixteenth-century French sculptor, Barthélemy Prieur, brilliantly captured the balance of the posture in the angle of the legs, and the backwards, off-centre turn of the head.

Said to have been Sir Richard Wallace’s last purchase, he bought this statuette in 1888, two years before his death.

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Bronze sculpture of naked man doing a handstand
S91, An Acrobat, Attributed to Barthélemy Prieur