The Wallace Collection

Opening hours:

Tuesdays - Fridays, 10am - 5pm


Contact details:

If you cannot find what you are looking for in our catalogue, and you believe that it is something that the Library is likely to have, please contact the Library staff, who will be happy to help you with your enquiry:

  • Librarian
    Andrea Gilbert 
    020 7563 9528
  • Library Cataloguer 
    Helen Jones
    020 7563 9536
  • Archivist & Records Manager
    Morwenna Roche 
    020 7563 9586


Visitors’ Library Regulations


  • Entry to the Visitors’ Library is strictly by appointment only
  • All readers are required to sign the Visitors’ Book on entry, and on first visit complete a reader registration form

Viewing material

  • The Visitors’ Library is a reference library and all books, manuscripts and archival material are for consultation only
  • Material is available through pre-ordering or by directly ordering with library staff. Only open access books may be removed from shelves
  • Readers are restricted to viewing up to 6 archival files at a time
  • Only pencils may be used when viewing archival material and rare books. Highlighters, correction fluid, scissors and staplers are forbidden. Tracing is not allowed
  • Do not lean on the books and archive documents or use objects to hold them open as this damages the spines. Specially designed weights are available from library staff
  • Do not use post-it notes. Bookmarks are available from library staff
  • Books and archival material must be kept on top of desks at all times and must not be damaged, defaced or have sections removed


  • The library permits reproduction of material (at the discretion of library staff) for research or private study purposes
  • Permission must be sought from library staff before using cameras, the library photocopier or scanner
  • Readers can purchase a daily/weekly reprographics permit (for personal photography and scanning); a permissions form must also be signed. The charges are £2 for a daily or £5 for a weekly permit
  • Photocopying charges for b/w copies are 10p for A4 and 20p for A3

Conduct of readers

  • Any bags larger than 30x21x7.5 cm are not allowed in the Visitors’ Library and must be deposited in the Museum cloakroom. Transparent carrier bags (available at the cloakroom) may be used to carry work and personal items
  • Food and drink (including chewing gum and bottles of water) are not allowed
  • Misuse of internet access, including unlawful browsing and downloading, is prohibited
  • The Visitors’ Library is a quiet study area. Mobile phones must be turned to silent mode or switched off
  • Ladders are for staff use only
  • Library staff and other readers must be treated with courtesy. Any one who behaves in an aggressive or threatening manner will be asked to leave
  • Readers must evacuate the building as directed by library staff in the event of a fire alarm or other emergency