Naked Bodies: Life Drawing

Naked Bodies: Life Drawing

Naked Bodies: Life Drawing

Secondary School Sessions for KS5

Now fully booked for Spring Term 2023

Sessions available to state schools only.

Duration: 5 hours. Year-round availability. 4 weeks' advance booking required.

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Naked Bodies 1

Through this in-depth introduction to life-drawing, students will investigate the human form and how it has been portrayed by artists in the Renaissance and Rococo periods. Combining gallery-based sessions with practical activities, students will put their observations into practice by drawing from a female nude life model.

Naked Bodies 2

Students who have taken Naked Bodies 1 or done life-drawing at school can build on their skills and experience through investigating the human form in movement and action, focusing on bronze sculpture in the galleries and drawing from a male nude life model in the studio.

Maximum 16 students. Smaller classes may be combined.

Curriculum links: Art and Design

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