Imperial Wine Cups

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Imperial Wine Cups


Information about Imperial Wine Cups

  • Year created: Probably 1739–40 and 1740–41
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Dimensions: Height: 18cm
  • Collection: Works of Art

These spectacular gold wine cups were decorated with pearls, precious stones and kingfisher feathers. They were made for the Qianlong Emperor. He used them to celebrate the Chinese New Year during a ceremony which took place in the Forbidden City, Beijing. Only four examples of such Imperial cups exist and two of them can be found in the Wallace Collection. The other two are in the palace museums in Beijing and Taipei.

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Gold Cup of Eternal Stability, 金甌永固杯, W112

Gold Cup of Eternal Stability, 金甌永固杯, W113

Detail of gold cup decorated with jewels and blue bird feathers

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