Membership FAQs

Membership FAQs

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If I sign up to become a Member of the Museum, will I be able to use my card for discount immediately?

Yes. If you have not yet received your welcome pack and card you can still make use of the benefits. To book a slot to visit the exhibition please email If you wish to use the Members’ discount on site in the shop, please show your confirmation email.

Do I need to book to visit the permanent collection and exhibition?

Yes. Due to our current reduced visitor capacities all visitors must book a timed-ticket slot to visit the permanent collection. Members can book free collection tickets online here, and are still able to enjoy unlimited access to Wallace Collection exhibitions, but must book by emailing:

I am an individual member, can I bring a guest with me when I visit or come to events?

To bring a guest with you, you must have a joint membership; however you can always upgrade your membership by contacting us.

Can I add a donation to my Members’ subscription?

We are delighted to receive additional donations, either as a regular part of your annual subscription, e.g. by Direct Debit, or as a one-off amount added to a cheque or card payment. If you wish to add to your Direct Debit amount, please just get in touch.

How do I book tickets for Members-only events?

You can book spaces for Members-only events via or by emailing, or calling us on +44 (0)20 7563 9522.

Can I upgrade to a different level of membership?

Yes, you can upgrade at any point during your subscription year on payment of the difference in price – just let us know.

Can I downgrade to a different level of membership?

You can downgrade on renewal. As we do not offer refunds, you might not wish to downgrade at other times. If you pay by Direct Debit, please let us know in advance that you wish to downgrade so that we can adjust the amount. If you pay by any other method, please just renew by purchasing the correct membership online or mark your renewal form accordingly and pay the lower price.

Can I buy a membership for someone else?

Yes. A gift of membership makes for a perfect present. You can purchase one directly at the Wallace Collection, online or by contacting us on +44 (0)20 7563 9522.

Why is there no Gift Aid declaration on your gift Membership application form?

Gift Aid cannot be claimed on gift memberships.

What amount should I enter under charitable donations on my Self-Assessment tax return?

Enter the full amount of your subscription for the relevant tax year.

I have retired and no longer pay income tax or capital gains tax. What should I do if you claim Gift Aid on my subscription?

Please contact us immediately, so that we stop claiming Gift Aid on your subscriptions.

I have a Membership in my sole name and I am not a tax-payer but my partner does pay tax. Can they sign the Gift Aid form?

No, the Gift Aid declaration can only be given by yourself.

Where can I find your Membership terms and conditions?