The Colours of Christmas: Red

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The Colours of Christmas: Red

The Colours of Christmas: Red

Over three weeks leading experts discuss the histories of three colours associated with Christmas (red, blue and gold) through richly illustrated lectures. This first lecture, by Jo Kirby, formerly of the National Gallery Scientific Department, will examine the colour red, looking specifically at vermilion and natural dyestuffs as used and represented in the collections at the Wallace Collection.

The second lecture on the 13 December, by Ashok Roy, former Director of Collections at the National Gallery, will focus on blue, and in particular lapis lazuli, the beautiful semi-precious stone which has been a prized source of colour from ancient times. Finally, Timothy Schroder, Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths Company, will explore the colour gold on the 20 December.

Tickets cost £10 per lecture (£9 concessions) or £25 (£22 concessions) for all three.

Date & Times

Date Start Time End Time
06/12/2019 14:30 15:30

Ticket Information

Ticket type Price
Lecture gen. admission £10
Lecture concession £9
Colours of Christmas Lecture bundle £25
Colours of Christmas Lecture bundle concession £22
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