Painted Feasts: An Introduction to Watercolour

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Painted Feasts: An Introduction to Watercolour

Painted Feasts: An Introduction to Watercolour

Date: Saturday 5 December 2020
Times: 11.00-16.30
Location: Zoom (Online)
Level: All Levels 
Tutor: Luisa Rivera

Course Description: Learn the fundamentals of watercolour painting on this online creative course. We'll take inspiration from the Wallace Collection's outstanding 17th-century Dutch still life paintings, portraying sumptuous banquets and other seasonal scenes of abundance. Throughout the course you’ll be introduced to different techniques for using watercolour effectively, including dry-brush, flat-wash and glazing, as well as methods for achieving the best water-to-paint ratios. 

Our day will start with an exploration of the still life genre itself, and how artists have composed these often intricate assemblages. Working from image references, you’ll be taken through a series of guided exercises – first to create a monochromatic painting of a single object that focuses on depth and light, followed by a more complex painting reproduction based on an artwork from the Collection. In the afternoon, through a more sustained guided exercise, you will paint a composition from real life using simple elements from your own kitchen – be that fruit and vegetables, a kettle and mug, tins of beans or any group of objects you have to hand.

The outcome of our course is to help you develop specific skills in using watercolour paints, as well as gaining a broad understanding of how light, colour and symbolism are critical to still life painting.

Please read the full course outline here, which includes joining information and details of the materials and equipment you will require to participate in this online practical course.

Date & Times

Date Start Time End Time
05/12/2020 11:00 16:30

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Online Course (Full Price) £45
Online Course (Concession) £42
Online Course (Member) £40
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