The Wallace Collection

Public Sector Information Directive

Statement of Public Task

The Wallace Collection’s (‘the Museum’) public task under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005 (‘the Regulations’) consists of the functions under the Museums and Galleries Act 1992 and as laid out in the Museum’s  Corporate Plan, Ten Year Plan, Collections Management Policy and similar documents published on the ‘How We Work’ section of the Museum’s website: It also includes the objectives set for the Collection by its sponsoring government department in its Management Agreement.

The Museum produces, maintains and uses documents for the following purposes within its public task:

  • care for and preserve the objects in the collection;
  • secure that the objects are exhibited to the public;
  • secure that the objects are available to persons seeking to inspect them in connection with study or research;
  • generally promote the public’s enjoyment and understanding of fine and applied art both by means of the Board’s collection and by such other means as they consider appropriate;
  • the direct or joint production or commissioning of content relating to conservation, exhibitions, informal and formal learning and other content whether directly or indirectly related to the Collection;
  • the distribution of that content, whether in printed, filmed, digital or any other form of media, whether directly; through partnerships with museums and educational establishments internationally; through Museum associated companies; or through third parties commercially or non-commercially; and
  • to license rights for the commercial or non-commercial usage of its content in third-party media.  

The Museum’s public task is also incorporated in our Statement of Purpose:

The Wallace Collection aims to preserve the Collection and Hertford House for future generations to enjoy in accordance with the bequest of Lady Wallace; to maintain and develop the quality of scholarship and practical skills of the curatorial, collections management, conservation, education, library and archival staff, through the content and quality of the Collection and by nurturing our expertise, to continue as a centre of excellence, at home and internationally, in eighteenth-century fine and decorative arts, princely arms and armour and the history of collecting.  

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This statement of the Museum’s public task is reviewed every three years and is due to be considered again in 2018.