Conservation Appeal: #FixingFrago

Conservation Appeal: #FixingFrago

Conservation Appeal:

In 2019, we launched a ground-breaking conservation and research project focused around the Wallace Collection’s eight masterpieces by Jean-Honoré Fragonard. One of the first paintings up for research and restoration is his enchanting leafy landscape: Petit Parc, which is currently being conserved.

The Wallace Collection is fortunate to own eight exquisite works by Fragonard, one of the most popular artists of the eighteenth century. This ensemble is crucial to the identity of the museum, yet they have not been studied in depth.

Led by Dr Yuriko Jackall, Curator of French Paintings at the Wallace Collection, Fixing Fragonard aims to address these gaps in our knowledge. Five paintings — whose once-sparkling surfaces are now obscured by heavy layers of yellowed varnish — will be cleaned and conserved. An international team of art historians, scientists, and conservators will advise, bringing to bear sophisticated new imaging techniques. These will provide a deeper understanding of Fragonard’s technique in order to shed new light upon his evolution as an artist.