The Wallace Collection

Secondary School Programme

Visual Analysis and Interpretation: Introducing Approaches to Art History

For 4 hour session book at least 5 weeks in advance. Maximum 20 AS/A level Art History students. This workshop is an ideal introduction to Art History early in Year 12, or it will help students consolidate their learning later in the year or during Year 13. Using one or two national museum(s) as direct reference material, students will:

  • Explore the materials and processes used in the production of art
  • Identify the formal and stylistic elements of paintings and sculpture from different historical periods
  • Use key art terminology and build a descriptive vocabulary while considering the varying contexts in which art works are made and seen
  • Analyse and interpret formal visual features and stylistic elements

“This really helped me to be able to analyse works of art in more detail and to think in different ways.” Student

Student, Key Stage 5, Visual Analysis and Interpretation

Year-round session

Duration: 2 hrs or 4 hrs

2 hour workshop at the Wallace Collection or 4 hour workshop with morning at the Wallace Collection, afternoon at Tate Britain.

Supports Art History

For Key Stage 5