The Wallace Collection

Secondary School Programme

Mirroring life? Theatre and reality in Shakespeare’s England

Maximum 20 students.

Our superb Armouries are the setting for this inspirational workshop exploring early stage fighting. Students will examine paintings of ‘Renaissance man’ in all his arrogance and finery. Look at originals and handle replicas of the fabulous weapons he used in duels, in battle and in procession, with reference to fighting in the Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre and Shakespeare’s plays in particular. There will be discussion about work, leisure, superstition, theatre, art and literature in Tudor England.


Extension Workshop: 2 hour stage sword fighting workshop at your school.
Cost: £200
Take part in an exciting 2 hour practical workshop that will concentrate on today’s stage fighting practice, working with a Fight Director and fencing coach who is an expert in Elizabethan swordplay.
NB: Further details will be provided on booking and workshops must be booked at least 8 weeks in advance.

 “It incorporated lovely historical tit-bits with the fighting styles – great!” Home Education Group Co-ordinator

Year-round session

Duration: 2hr or All Day

Either a 2 hour, or an all-day workshop, to include an off-site stage sword fighting workshop.

Supports Drama, English, History

For Key Stage 4, Key Stage 5