The Wallace Collection

Secondary School Programme

Change, Continuity and Tradition in Art from the 16th Century to the Present Day

Morning at the Wallace Collection, afternoon at Tate Modern. Available throughout the year. Book at least 5 weeks in advance. Maximum of 20 students.

Students will investigate a selection of artworks made at very different times and contexts, to:

  • Make connections between themes, processes or materials, in often surprising ways.
  • Look at Old Masters, such as Poussin and Rubens, and make comparisons with a choice of artists such as Picasso, Bacon, Sherman, Dumas and The Guerrilla Girls
  • Explore art using a range of approaches such as small-group work, independent research, note taking, drawing and group discussion.

Duration: 5 hrs

10.30am – 4pm

Supports Art and Design, Art History

For Key Stage 5