Rubens Primary School Live Digital Session for KS2

Rubens Primary School Live Digital Session for KS2

Rubens: The Great Landscapes

Primary School Live Digital Session for KS2

Duration: 45 minutes. Available 7 June to 23 July 2021

Join our artist educators to explore key landscape paintings by Peter Paul Rubens. Through this interactive session you will explore paintings in detail, discuss ideas, learn to look closely and make links between the past and the present.  

Celebrate the reunion of two of Peter Paul Rubens's greatest masterpieces, not seen together in over 200 years. The Rainbow Landscape and A View of Het Steen in the Early Morning were made for the artist’s own home, but the two works were separated and now hang in the Wallace Collection and the National Gallery. This summer, they will finally be reunited in a special exhibition at the Wallace Collection.

In this session, students will practice close looking to develop their observational skills, exploring morning, afternoon and night in Rubens's landscapes. Participants will also learn about the artist's life and work, and the world he lived in including food and occupations. The session lasts 45 minutes and can be delivered on Zoom or your school’s preferred platform. 

Suggested follow up activities will encourage your class to continue making links to the paintings through a range of written and practical activities, which make links across the curriculum, including identifying food sources and nutrition and developing skills through using a range of art techniques. 

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Countryside landscape of haymakers, milkmaids and cattle under a rainbow
The Rainbow Landscape

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