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Shhh! It's a Secret!

Thursday 4th February, 2010 - Sunday 28th March, 2010

Price: Admission Free

Behind every object lies a story and with the help of the young curators from St. Vincent’s Catholic School you can become a detective and unravel the secrets behind the paintings, armour, ceramics and furniture. So if you love a secret and want to know how the beautiful Madame de Sérilly escaped the guillotine or what a snuff box can tell us about the playwright Voltaire then satisfy your curiosity and come to this must-see event.

An exhibition especially for families.

Shhh! It's a Secret!

Press clippings and media for this exhibition.

Shh... it's a Secret!, an exhibition produced with schoolchildren at the Wallace Collection in London, is a lovely example of co-creation that demonstrates the multiple benefits of inviting audience members to act as partners in arts organizations.

Nina Simon

What a brilliant exhibition and warm opening. You and your team are to be thoroughly congratulated on such pioneering, inclusive and imaginative work. To have ten year olds talk with such passion and knowledge about Dutch paintings and French ceramics is extraordinary. Other museums have a great deal to learn from your project. Thanks for inviting me tonight. I'll definitely be coming to the Wallace again soon.

Dea Birkett, Director, Kids in Museums


  1. Such a Wonderful Exhibition!! P.S. It needs to be bigger
  2. This exhibition is really useful and creative for children and adults. I'm from Turkey!
  3. It's an amazing work. I hope one day my daughter will be like one of you with this great imaginative project.
  4. Thanks for this collection, it's really impressive. I'm from Taiwan and I've never seen this type of exhibition before. I love it, especially as children did it. Secret!!!- What a good idea.., thank you.
  5. Absolutely great exhibition. Will you repeat it? An extremely imaginative and creative journey for children.
  6. We are old children (70 and 71) and enjoyed your Shhh! gallery.
  7. Thank you- we are a group from University of the Arts, we spent one hour with your objects and we loved it. WELL DONE! Good work.
  8. A really great idea! Congratulations!
  9. It's good to know about old things; history has shown us many kinds of ideas. Thank you.


  1. I wish there was a whole armour set.
  2. Coolness!
  3. I think it's good because you can find things and see things.
  4. I love secrets!
  5. Thank you for letting us draw pictures.
  6. The museum is beautiful.
  7. ..the Wallace Collection is fantastic and nice.

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