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To Heal the Bruised: Reconstructing the Funerary Helm of King Henry V

Friday 6th October, 2017 - Sunday 7th January, 2018

Price: Admission Free

… to have borne
His bruised helmet and his bended sword
Before him…

After King Henry V died in 1422, he was buried in Westminster Abbey and an monument and chapel was built for the hero of Agincourt. Set up over the dead king’s monument were his funerary achievements– arms and armour which symbolised a return to God of the powers wielded by the king in life. Pride of place was given to his funerary helmet– not the one he wore in battle in Normandy, but rather a finely decorated jousting helm.

This helm remained in the chapel until the 20th century, when it was moved to the Abbey Museum. In 2015 the Wallace Collection participated in a cooperative research project with Westminster Abbey, focusing on the achievements. As part of this project, a replica of the helm was commissioned, and its long-lost heraldic crest was reconstructed, based on the project research.

In this new display the helm reconstruction tells the story of this historic object and its illumination through recent research. We show how it was made, what it looked like when it was new, and explore its original function. 

To Heal the Bruised: Reconstructing the Funerary Helm of King Henry V
Funerary Helm of King Henry V, c. 1380-1420. Westminster Abbey.

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