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The Knight in Art: From the Present Day to the Middle Ages and Back Again Image

The Knight in Art: From the Present Day to the Middle Ages and Back Again

Tuesday 15th January, 2013 - Tuesday 26th March, 2013

2:00pm - 4:30pm

Price: £280.00

Ages: Adult

Lecturer: Tobias Capwell 

This ten-week course taught by Curator of Arms and Armour Tobias Capwell will examine the visual, literary, and material culture of the Medieval and Renaissance knight in Europe. The knight was at once a socio-political figure, a heroic symbol, an economic problem, a demonstration of high technology, a professional sportsman, and a deadly warrior. Exploring ten centuries of the knight as a cultural icon, this course will examine his portrayal by poets, historians and, perhaps most importantly, by artists. Students will study sources as diverse as illuminated manuscripts, funerary effigies, martial arts manuals, and even everyday objects such as candlesticks, mirror-cases and water jugs.

Over the 10 weeks topics covered will include:

• The Knight: Our Ideas, Assumptions and Misconceptions
- Arms and Armour in museums
- Cinema, cartoon and satire
- 19th century Medieval Revival and Romanticism

• From Heroic Ideals to Real People: 1900-1600
- Modern Imaginings 2010-1900: Superheroes, Cowboys and Clowns
- The Victorians, 1900-1839: Chaps in Armour, Sanints with Sword
- The Eglinton Tournament 1839: Romance, Chivalry and Very Bad Weather
- From Meyrick to Scott: Arms Scholars and Collectors of the 19th century
- The Age of Obsolescence, The Enlightenment and the Origins of the Medieval Revival 1600-1838

• Being a Knight: Equipment and Skills
- Arms and Armour, Part 1: 1000-1400
- Arms and Armour, Part II: 1400-1650
- Cut, Thrust and Smash: Armoured Combat on Horseback and on Foot
- The Joust: The Ultimate Chivalric Contest
- Judicial Combat to Duel of Honour: The Renaissance Hijacking of a Noble Knight

• Knights in Medieval and Renaissance Art
- Heroes from the Ancient Past: Knights and the Classical World
- The Divine Made Real: Warrior Saints in Medieval and Renaissance Art
- Images for the Afterlife: Funerary Monuments

Tuesdays 15 January - 26 March 2013 (excluding 19 February), 2pm - 4.30pm

Booking essential on 020 7563 9527 or


£280, £258 concessions