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The Wallace Collection joined forces with the pupils of St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School to produce an informative film for schools on How To Visit The Wallace Collection. Emma Bryant, our Education Officer, explains the project.


The idea for the film came about during the redevelopment of the school section of the website, which will be live by August 2014, as it seemed a good idea to let pupils and teachers know what to expect when visiting the Collection. The inspiration came from the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum who have made a wonderful short film about how to visit their museum.


All ready to record!

All ready to record!


The Education Department has a strong relationship with the nearby St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School, and when  approached they were very keen to participate. Some of the Young Curators, who are already very familiar with the Collection as they give tours to the public, were joined by some members of the Film Club to create the film. I wrote a brief and then developed ideas with the pupils in workshops. They then wrote their own scripts.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!


There was one exciting days filming at the Wallace Collection with the expert help of Laura and Nick from Chocolate Films. Laura worked with the children to create the animation and Nick filmed in the galleries with others. Every pupil had a chance to create some animation, appear in the film and to help with the technical side of filming. They proved to be very professional and only a couple of takes were needed for each scene.


Look but don't touch the objects!

Look but don’t touch the objects!


Half of the pupils from St Vincent’s, those aged 7-11, came to the film’s premiere at the museum. They were an enthusiastic audience, laughing in all the right places, engaged throughout and applauding at the end. They even demanded an instant second showing and I hope that you enjoy watching the film as much as they did. Follow the link to view the film  ‘How To Visit The Wallace Collection‘!


A good day's work

A good day’s work


by Emma Bryant, Education Officer


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