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Redisplay of the Nineteenth-Century Paintings

Brizo, 'A Shepherd's Dog', Rosa Bonheur, 1864, P365
Brizo, 'A Shepherd's Dog', Rosa Bonheur, 1864, P365

Until December this year many of our nineteenth-century paintings are being shown in the exhibition galleries on the Lower Ground Floor in a special display entitled From Romance to Sentiment. The galleries on the First Floor where they will eventually be shown are now being refurbished, giving us the opportunity to present these major works against a deep (blue) colour characteristic of the period when they were painted. Among the pictures are major works by Delacroix, Bonington, Delaroche, Corot and Meissonier. The display gives visitors the chance to see a unique survival of a great collection of nineteenth-century paintings from the Second Empire Paris of Napoleon III (1852-70) displayed in a manner appropriate for their time.

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4 September 2009

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