Wallace Connections


Wallace Connections


In October 2020, on the first day of Black History Month, the Wallace Collection’s Curatorial Department began #WallaceConnections, a digital series that examines how our collection engages with our diverse and shared histories.

What we know about the works of art in the Wallace Collection is constantly evolving. Just consider the painting that launched our series. The individual represented in A Young Archer was once thought to have been painted by seventeenth-century Dutch master Rembrandt. Today we know it to be the work of the latter’s pupil, Govart Flink. The subject has been described as an imaginary figure. Yet the idiosyncratic contours of the face suggests that a very real person sat for this portrait.

#WallaceConnections continues to run weekly on our social media accounts and is uploaded to our website at the end of each month. It is an opportunity to look at familiar works with fresh eyes. At times the stories that emerge may be joyous; at others, they may speak of something sad or troubling.

Like all art collections, ours looks both backwards and forwards. It tells us much about the past; it also challenges our assumptions about the world in which we live.

- Dr Yuriko Jackall, Head of Curatorial and Curator of French Paintings