The Wallace Collection

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Partial armour Possibly Pompeo della Cesa (c. 1537-8 - 1610)
Partial armour Possibly Pompeo della Cesa (c. 1537-8 - 1610)
News and Offers

The Wallace Collection Events Team is thrilled to have opened the doors of the Oriental and European Arms and Armour galleries for Private Hire.


Over 40 per cent of the museum’s collection is housed within the Armouries, which makes them the ideal space for evening exploration! Indulge your reception guests with a private view of the Armouries and fascinate them with tours of some of the Collection’s most spectacular and unusual objects.


From the magnificent bejewelled jade sword of Tipu Sultan the Tiger of Mysore; to armour commissioned by Sir Thomas Sackville and produced at the Royal Workshop of Henry VIII; to the gauntlet of Prince Henry (son of James I) – the Armouries are filled with unique pieces of remarkable quality and provenance.  


To discover more about entertaining in the stunning Armouries and to book your reception and private view, please call 020 7563 9507 or email