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Digital and Microfilm Resources

Digital resources

The following digital resources are available via our dedicated Library PC:


Full text archive of leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences and sciences, along with selected monographs, 19th century pamphlets and other materials. Currently provides access to over 120 Art & Art history Journals.

  •  Art sales catalogues Online (LUGT) (1600-1900)

Online version of vols. 1-3 of Fritz Lugt’s Répertoire des Catalogues de Ventes Publiques which lists more than 100,000 European and American art auction sales from 1600-1900. This includes sale catalogues held in major European and British libraries, and also the Frick Collection Library in New York. A selection of catalogues held by the Wallace Collection Library are listed, but as Lugt did not record our collections initially, the bulk of them are not included in the location lists in the catalogue entries.  Please note that our holdings of sale catalogues 1700-1899 have been catalogued and are now available on our online catalogue.

  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

The online dictionary containing biographies of people who shaped the history of the British Isles and beyond, from the earliest times to the 21st century.

  • Oxford Art Online

Grove Dictionary of Art, The Concise Dictionary of Art terms, and Encyclopedia of Aesthetics.

  • Electronic Enlightenment

An online collection of edited correspondence of the Early Modern period from the 17th century to the mid 19th century, linking people across Europe, the Americas and Asia. Comprised of over 69,000 often previously unpublished letters from over 8000 individuals. It can be searched by writer, recipient, date, location, and letter content.




Microfilm/Microfiche collections

The Library has a series of microfilms of important resources on French 17th & 18th century decorative arts. For more information on the content of these collections, follow the links below.



  •  Sèvres Manufactory Records 1746-1801

These microfilms have been digitised, and can be viewed on the dedicated PC in the Visitors’ Library.

  •  Journal du Garde Meuble de La couronne 1666-1792  

Archives Nationales series 01 3302-01 3363

‘The reorganisation of the Crown Furniture by Louis XIV and Colbert in 1663 included the keeping of a register or Journal du Garde-Meuble, in which as a rule each new piece of furniture was entered. ‘(Taken from Pierre Verlet ‘French Royal Furniture’ 1963, page 1)

  •  Presens du Roy 1662-1789

A list of diplomatic gifts presented by the Kings of France.

  •  Journal L'AVANT-COUREUR 3 (1760-1773)

A weekly journal published in Paris with articles on the arts and sciences.

Published by Lambert, imprimeur (1760-1762),  Charles-Joseph Panckoucke éditeur-libraire (1763-1766), Lacombe éditeur-libraire (1766-1773).



  •  Selected Phillips auction sales 1796-1849
  •  IDC Microfiche collection of selected British and European sales from 1772-1822