The Wallace Collection

The Wallace Collection, A Family Collection, A National Museum, An International Treasure House
Lowengard receipt, 19 January 1867 (Historical Archives)
Lowengard receipt, 19 January 1867 (Historical Archives)

The Wallace Collection Archives are divided into several categories. The main sequence, AR2, is the historical collection.

Conditions of access and use

PDF of the Archives Index typescript (6.8MB PDF)

The Historical Collection (AR2):

  • Files on the Founders of the Collection, their purchases (sometimes including receipts) and their interactions with key figures of their times
  • Inventories
  • Visitors’ books
  • Files on the history of the Museum, from Lady Wallace’s bequest in 1897 to 1999
  • ‘Information Files’ collected on the history of the Collection and of the Museum since 1999.

Trustees and former Directors files (not indexed)


Administrative records, 1897-1979 (AR1):

Kept at the National Archives at Kew