The Wallace Collection

Wallace Collection Volunteer Policy

Due to a lack of resources, The Wallace Collection does not run a regular volunteer programme and volunteer roles outside of academically related internships are rare. Please see the museum's Volunteer Policy for more information on how we manage volunteer roles on the few occasions we utilise them, and also a summary below:

  • Volunteers are not employees of the organisation and do not work under a contract for services, nor do they receive any form of hourly wage.
  • Volunteers should be selected on the basis of their relevant skills if applicable and may be interviewed if necessary. The recruitment of volunteers must not be discriminatory and volunteers should be treated with professionalism and the same duty of care as any member of staff at the museum.
  • Volunteers are engaged on a voluntary basis and are not members of staff. There is no contractual obligation between the museum and interns and accordingly they will not receive normal employee entitlements such as a salary or annual leave.
  • Volunteers working at the Wallace Collection for more than 2.5 days per seven day week will be reimbursed for a zones 1 to 3 London travel card. This is the maximum amount the museum will provide. Outside of these zones the intern will have to pay the difference themselves.
  • Volunteerships can be for an unspecified period depending on the nature of the work undertaken.

Please click here to view the Volunteer Policy.