The Wallace Collection

Conservation Department Internships

It is the policy of the Conservation Department to encourage conservation internships, but these are usually only offered to students pursuing Conservation as a principal subject at higher education (preferably graduate) levels, in the U.K. or abroad.

The competition for these placements is keen and places are usually booked at least one year or more in advance. The period of an internship can vary (four weeks or more). We will provide interns who are at the Wallace Collection for more than half of each week with a zones 1-3 travel card. We are not able to provide further practical assistance such as finding accommodation.

Hours worked are usually from 10am until 5pm, four or five days per week, but a degree of flexibility is possible by prior arrangement. All prospective interns are required to undergo a 'positive vetting' procedure.

Since the Conservation Department is small and is required to carry out a wide variety of duties besides those relating specifically to the conservation of works of art, all internships are offered on the basis that interns are expected to assist with other tasks around the Collection, besides carrying out conservation work under supervision.

Only furniture and metalwork are conserved in-house at the Wallace Collection, so only applications to work in those areas will be considered. Applicants for conservation internships are asked to apply directly to the relevant Conservation Department staff member for those areas.

Furniture: Jurgen Huber, Senior Furniture Conservator

Metalwork: Graeme McArthur, Metalwork Conservator

Please click here for the museum's general policy on Internships.