The Wallace Collection

Vision Statement

The Wallace Collection aims:

To preserve the Collection and Hertford House for future generations to enjoy in accordance with the bequest of Lady Wallace, retaining the essential character of a family house; to maintain and develop the quality of scholarship and practical skills of the curatorial, conservation, education and library/archival staff; through the content and the quality of the Collection and by nurturing our expertise, to continue as a centre of excellence, at home and internationally, in Eighteenth Century fine and decorative arts and Nineteenth Century collecting.

In particular we should build on our long-standing associations with France and America where the Wallace Collection has inspired similar institutions and where our scholarship is highly respected and disseminated.

So that it may achieve the following

To make each object communicate its special properties to the viewer through physical, intellectual and sensory access; to provide the appropriate atmosphere and ambience and the information and education necessary to bring the object to life for every visitor. "To see not with, but through the eye". We want the public to see the connections between ordinary objects in use throughout the world today and the Collection's extraordinary objects which, though more elaborate, have the same purpose as those at home. To take people on the journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary. To show that the works of art in the Collection transcend racial boundaries and are part of the cultural history of everyone who lives in this country.

We seek to encourage a sense of identity with and sharing of some of mankind's greatest creations. For those who are physically or mentally unable to participate in one facet of the Collection there should always be an alternative. No disability should be a bar to enjoying the Collection. To encourage the habit of visiting museums and galleries among as wide an audience as possible by reducing any feeling of intimidation, increasing a sense of belonging and conveying the importance of being there. To build relationships with key communities.

To make the best and most sympathetic use of new technologies to disseminate the understanding and appreciation of the Collection, both in terms of its objects and the full range of its activities. To develop strong and forward-looking managers who can create and motivate each member of staff to contribute to and achieve the Collection's objectives. Through income-generating activities which draw on and complement the essence of the Collection to reduce dependence on central government support.