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François Boucher, The Rising of the Sun, 1753
François Boucher, The Rising of the Sun, 1753
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Refurbishment Project: Reopening of the newly refurbished Boudoir and West Room

We are delighted to announce the reopening of the newly refurbished Boudoir, West Room and Landing on Saturday 16 May 2009.

The new Landing and Fernery achieves the powerful sense of arrival in an opulent London mansion, as welcoming and exciting for our daytime visitors and school groups as it is for the hosts of private evening events who greet their guests here.  Famously hung since Sir Richard Wallace’s day with some of the grandest and largest paintings by François Boucher anywhere in the world, new wall silk enhances the sea and sky colours of his magnificent Rising and Setting of the Sun and Summer and Autumn Pastorals. Greenery in the small Fernery has created an indoor garden for quiet contemplation.

Leading off the Landing, the Boudoir was the first of Lady Wallace’s private apartments. It has been hung with coral silk and retains an atmosphere of Sense and Sensibility, concentrating on paintings by Jean-Baptiste Greuze and Joshua Reynolds, often depicting classical and moral themes, or children and education. The Boudoir also features some magnificent writing desks and secrétaires in the Collection as a reminder of the favoured pastime of ladies in their intimate rooms in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The West Room was once Lady Wallace’s bedroom and now the art work within addresses domestic daily activities and also encompasses the wider world of enlightenment and travel. The walls have been hung with a smokey-blue silk and pictures include Van Loo’s Portrait of Louis XV and two paintings by one of the King’s favourite artists, Claude-Joseph Vernet, including his magnificent A Storm with a Shipwreck, which once belonged to Madame de Pompadour’s brother, the marquis de Marigny.

Our aim is to have created rooms as vibrant and unique as the works of art they contain, we do hope that you will be able to visit us soon to enjoy these splendid new rooms.