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Out of The Frame: Loan Box Project

The Wallace Collection with funding from NIACE through CLIF (the Community Learning Innovation Fund) we were able to provide older people in care home settings outside of London, access to the Collection.

We created six themed ‘loan boxes’ to be lent to care homes and day centres, as an innovative way to facilitate an experience of the museum. They were specially designed to be a stimulus for discussion, appreciation so that care home staff and volunteers could deliver their own sessions with residents.

We provided care staff and volunteers with training to deliver art and heritage workshops using the loan boxes.  Residents where appropriate were given the opportunity to visit a museum and ‘Family and Friends days’ were held to share the project with the wider community.

Each themed box contained reproduction images such as a portrait of Madame de Pompadour and an Indian dagger thought to be owned by Shah Jahan. Handling items were commissioned or sourced to accompany the works of art such as a copy of a doublet worn by Sir Robert Dudley in his portrait. A booklet for each theme was written and an iPad with relevant digital content was also included.

To find out more about this project please select link below

Project in a Box

CLIF 13273 Final report website

Resources available to download

There were 6 themes with accompanying booklets, please see the link below.

Family and Home

Great Outdoors‘,


Work and Play’

Gossip and Scandal’,

Collectors and Curiosities

There is also audio available for each theme. We are currently working to make it available online, in the meantime please email: to request a copy.

Sample from Work and Play

The creation of new material by The Wallace Collection’s ‘Out of the Frame Loan Box” has been financed by the Skills Funding Agency through the Adult Community Learning Fund managed by NIACE. Copyright in this material is vested in the Crown but it is made freely available for others to use under the terms of the Open Government Licence.  Full details are available at