The Wallace Collection

Secondary School Programme

Art History for Everyone: Free fast-track AS Art History for state school students


Duration 2.5 hours on term-time Saturday mornings from 23rd September 2017
Deadline to apply: Saturday 9th September

Enrol for a free-fast-track AS History of Art course on Saturday mornings, based at the Wallace Collection , and using other museum and gallery collections as appropriate.  The course is an independent development of a successful pilot scheme trialled at two London state schools in 2014-16 with excellent outcomes and 100% pass rate. The course followed is AQA AS History of Art and is taught by a qualified and experienced specialist teacher with a track record of excellent results. Study materials, exam entrance fees and administration included.

Priority will be given to students with an aptitude for the course and/or a widening participation background.

Benefits to students include:

  • an additional AS qualification
  • additional UCAS points and strengthened FE/HE applications
  • career development
  • CV building opportunities
  • developing analytical and communication skills
  • Gaining as understanding of great works of art in the capital’s public collections.


Previous fast-track AS Art History state school students:

“State school students would definitely be interested in taking fast track AS History of Art, as it isn’t offered at many schools, but is something that many people are interested in. I have really gained a skill-set in a way that I don’t from my other subjects. I feel that I will now have the skills of analysis forever, as it is more a way of thinking than just remembering a collection of facts.”

It was not like I expected it to be, it was so much fun, so interactive with the real works of art we study, the opportunities that it has presented me with, and the atmosphere of the classes and the extraordinary people I have met”.

“[The best things were] Getting to see actual paintings and other works of art in the flesh; always being supported and getting really good information; special things that we get because we don’t do it in school e.g. the architectural walking tour, people coming in to help us, homework club!”.


“The course has helped me with all my other subjects and has opened my eyes to the skills and complexity involved in art and architecture: I see the world in a different way”

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Information about the AQA AS History of Art syllabus:

Dated Session

Duration: 2.5 hours each week on term-time Saturdays (10 am-12.30pm followed by homework club)

From 23rd September 2017

Supports Art History

For Key Stage 5