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Creative Writing
Inspired by a painting by Duncan

I had a bucket full of gun powder in each hand. The sounds of the cannons echo around the room.

 “Must deliver gun powder” I muttered.


The cannon ball flew into the space in which I was about to step. I nearly dropped the bucket by surprise. ‘Must hold back’ I thought. The next cannon will go in a minuet. And, so it did. Just behind me this time, terrifying me yet again.

‘Ok. They took me by surprise there, those idiotic English men, but not again.’ I thought.

 So I ran as fast at my legs would go and put the buckets by the cannon and collected the empty ones to be filled. “Hmm” mused the English admiral. “Those Dutch powder monkeys are too good.” “Should we get some more men on the job Sir?” asked the flag ships Captain. “Good thinking. Yes.” Answered the glorious admiral. “Right you lot!” shouted the captain. “All the ships boys, below deck.” “Yes Sir!” shouted the young voices.

After three years of battle the Dutch finally defeated England as the English had suffered two disasters: the Great Plague and the Fire of London. But this defeat did not mean England wouldn’t have another attempt to defeat the Dutch after the previous war.