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Inspired by a clock

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Creative Writing
Inspired by a clock by Lewis

‘Ding!’ The clock stroked twelve and four short golden legs hopped off their stand. Two muscular men were arguing in the middle of the clock over a large sphere.

“Get this off me Hercules!” shouted one of them.

“Never Atlas!” said Hercules.

Four people towards the top of the clock slowly came to life.

“Hi Asia!” said America.

“Hello USA, have you seen Europe?” asked Asia.

“Found him.” said Africa. “He’s right next to me.”

A short baby-like figure and a man with his head in the sun started talking.

“Apollo, have you seen my bow?”

“Yes, it’s over here in the-”

Ding. The clocked stroked one, the four legs hopped to a stand, two men sopped arguing, four people went back to their continents, the two Gods froze and the room went silent.