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Poussin to Seurat: French Drawings from the National Gallery of Scotland

Thursday 23rd September, 2010 - Monday 3rd January, 2011

Price: Admission Free

This exhibition is the latest in an ongoing series mounted by the Wallace Collection which features selections from celebrated collections of French drawings.
The holdings of French paintings in the National Gallery of Scotland are world famous and include magnificent examples by Claude, Poussin, Watteau, Greuze and many of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. Not so well-known, however, is the Gallery’s complementary collection of French drawings. This has been deliberately strengthened over the past thirty years to build on the existing core of fine drawings, many of which came to the Gallery, via the Royal Scottish Academy, from the collection of the Edinburgh bookseller and antiquarian David Laing (1793 - 1878). Of the more familiar names who have recently entered the collection mention can be made of Poussin, Boucher, Ingres, Corot, Pissarro and Seurat. These acquisitions have been complemented by excellent sheets by lesser-known masters such as Jeaurat, Lancrenon, Hesse and Dulac – thereby ensuring a mix of the familiar and less familiar.

Poussin to Seurat: French Drawings from the National Gallery of Scotland

Press clippings and media for this exhibition.