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Tales from Ovid's Metamorphoses

Thursday 19th January, 2017 - Sunday 23rd April, 2017

Price: Admission Free

Stories of transformation have enduringly appeal. None more so than those told in the Roman writer Ovid's wonderful book length poem, Metamorphoses, which draws on Greek and Roman mythology to narrate a history of the world. It has inspired innumerable artists down the centuries. Some stories have been especially popular: Daphne changed to a laurel tree to evade Apollo; Diana transforming Actaeon into a stag, or lecherous Jupiter's self-transformations in such tales as Europa and the Bull, Leda and the Swan and The Rape of Ganymede. From ceramics and sculpture to Titian's Perseus and Andromeda and Boucher's Jupiter and Callisto, find out more about Ovid's magical stories and their influence in our Porphyry Court display and gallery trail.

Tales from Ovid's Metamorphoses

Press clippings and media for this exhibition.