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Metamorphoses: Art and Design in Transformation

Saturday 4th March, 2017 - Saturday 25th March, 2017

10:15am - 12:15pm

Price: £99.00

Ages: All Ages

Lecturer: Sara Ayres 

Ovid's epic poem, 'The Metamorphoses', has inspired artists and designers in Western Europe for centuries. The Wallace Collection's rich hoard of Baroque and Rococo painting, French antique furnishings, German armours, Italian Renaissance majolica and Sevres porcelain all participate in the telling and retelling of these tales of transformation, of the lusts of the gods and the misfortunes of the human world. Join this short, salon-style course in the galleries of the Wallace Collection, to see how Ovid's stories of Venus (single-minded Goddess of Love), her badly behaved son Cupid, Paris (luckless son of Troy), Perseus (slayer of the Medusa) and Apollo (the God of the sun) are recreated by Anthony van Dyck, Andre Charles Boulle, Claude, Poussin, Francis Boucher, Joshua Reynolds, Francois Lemoyne, Titian, Etienne Maurice Falconet and others. From furniture to portraiture, the versatility of Ovid's great work, and the transformation of its telling across time and space, offers participants four rich weeks of stories and a feast for the eyes.

The course will hone participants' visual skills in addition to broadening and deepening their knowledge and understanding of the Wallace Collection's world-class fine and decorative arts. No previous knowledge of art or classics is necessary to participate in the course.


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