The Wallace Collection

Special Evening Event

Samuel Beckett Salon

Friday 14th October, 2016

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Price: £10.00

Ages: Adults

Lecturer: Simone Stewart, Dr Carville, Prof. Houston Jones 

£10, students go free (includes complementary glass of wine)

In the process of developing his exhibition The Middle, Tom Ellis has discovered parallels with Samuel Beckett, a writer who was fascinated by the unresolved and open-ended possibilities of artistic endeavour. Exhibition curator Simone Stewart, in conversation with Dr Conor Carville and Professor David Houston Jones, will explore the artistic connections between Samuel Beckett, Tom Ellis and the Wallace Collection. Beckett visited the Wallace Collection in 1935 and shared an admiration for our Dutch paintings in his notebooks on visual art. Both Ellis and Beckett adopted such paintings as templates for observing life and the outside world, and this Salon will explore the reflections to these images within their practice.

Prof. David Houston Jones is Associate Professor of French Literature and Visual Culture at the College of Humanities at the University of Exeter, and has written about Samuel Beckett and the theme of testimony. This has led Jones to explore Beckett's work within the Noli me tangere tradition and in various depictions of the Crucifixion.

Dr. Conor Carville is Associate Professor in the Department of English, University of Reading - one of the leading academic centres for Samuel Beckett studies in the world. He is currently writing a book about Samuel Beckett's interest in the visual arts and has considered many works at the Wallace Collection throughout his research journey.

Simone Stewart is the Co-curator of The Middle –Tom Ellis at the Wallace Collection and is fascinated by the ways in which contemporary art can ‘open up’ the historic museum. In the process of this exhibition, Simone discovered links between Tom Ellis’s practice, Samuel Beckett and the Wallace Collection.

The Salon will be followed by a Beckett themed supper. Click here to find out more. 

This event aims to be a light-touch meeting point between academic interests and the visual arts. Tickets can be purchased below or by calling 020 75639 527


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