The Wallace Collection

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The Lost Second Fencing Book of Nicoletto Giganti

Saturday 22nd March, 2014

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Price: Admission Free

Ages: All Ages

Lecturer: Joshua Pendragon & Piermarco Terminiello 

Nicoletto Giganti's famous 1606 work on rapier fighting is one of the great classics of Renaissance fencing scholarship. In it Giganti refined the Italian school of self-defence considerably, bringing it to a wide international audience. In the centuries that followed, rumours circulated that Giganti had written a second book, but this claim could never be confirmed. It appeared that no copies of Giganti's sequel had survived, if indeed it had ever existed - until one was discovered in the care of the Wallace Collection in 2013. Giganti's second book of fencing has now been translated into English and published by two practitioner-scholars, Piermarco Terminiello and Joshua Pendragon. Join the authors and Tobias Capwell, Curator of Arms and Armour, for a fascinating discussion of the work and its remarkable discovery.