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Treasure of the Month: Scimitar of King Henri II of France, attributed to Daniele da Serravalle, Italy, c.1550-1560

Monday 17th March, 2014

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Price: Admission Free

Ages: All Ages

Lecturer: Tobias Capwell 

This rich curved sword, the hilt chiselled with crowns and monogram Hs, was made for King Henri II of France not as a weapon of war, but as an ornate costume piece. Its exotic form may have been designed to evoke the weapons of the Greaco-Roman heroes of Classical antiquity. Alternatively, it could have been intended to resemble a Turkish sabre or shamshir; at this time the French were allied with the Turks against the Holy Roman Empire. Talks in the galleries are strictly limited to 25 people.