The Wallace Collection

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Special Lecture: Chalk and Cheese, or Father and Son? The Fourth Marquess of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace as Collectors

Monday 21st January, 2013

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Price: Admission Free

Ages: All Ages

Lecturer: Jeremy Warren 

The Wallace Collection was very largely shaped by the collecting of the Fourth Marquess of Hertford and his probable son Sir Richard Wallace. Their tastes were on the surface very different, Hertford was celebrated for his love of 18th-century France whilst Wallace was mainly known as a collector of Medieval and Renaissance art. But was there more in common between the two collectors than is usually supposed? Should we regard today's Wallace Collection as an assemblage of different tastes, or actually more of a joint creation between father and son? Join Jeremy Warren, Collections and Academic Director, to find out.

This special lecture will take place in the Lecture Theatre.

Free, no need to book.