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Portraiture of the Wallace Collection: A Four Week Course

Book now for an exciting new course, exploring the many portraits of the Wallace Collection.

Over four Saturdays from 30 January – 20 February 2016 you will get the opportunity to engage in-depth with the most moving and significant portraits of the Wallace Collection.

Portraits are fascinating, emotive and intriguing artworks. Portraits offer us a personal connection to personalities of the past, and open windows onto historical worlds. Sessions will equip participants with skills in visual analysis, understanding symbols and motifs, reading dress-codes and pose, and enhance their general knowledge of art’s histories. The course will also provide an entry point to an enriching and rewarding relationship with the Wallace Collection and an appreciation of its many masterpieces.

Sessions will begin 10am and end in the café at 12pm, where participants can enjoy a coffee and a salon-style discussion focused on the session’s artworks.

To book call 0207 563 9527 or email


Session Outlines

Week One – Spain and the Spanish Netherlands

Steven van der Meulen, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester (c. 1560 – 1565)
Frans Pourbus the Elder, Portrait of a Man (1574)
Anthony van Dyck, Portrait of Isabella Waerbeke (c. 1628); Paris (c. 1628); Philippe Le Roy (1630); Marie de Raet (1631)
Peter Paul Rubens, The Rainbow Landscape (c. 1636)
Michael Sweerts, Portrait of Man, possibly Jean Deutz, with a Red Cloak (c. 1650)
Diego Velázquez, Prince Baltasar Carlos in Silver (1633); The Lady with a Fan (c. 1640)
Studio of Diego Velázquez, Prince Baltasar Carlos in the Riding School (c. 1640 – c. 1645)

Week Two – The Global Lowlands

Rembrandt van Rijn, Jean Pellicorne with his son Caspar (c. 1632); Susanna van Collen, Wife of Jean Pellicorne with her daughter Anna (c. 1632); Self-Portrait in Black Cap (1637); Titus the Artist’s Son (c.1657)
Frans Hals, The Laughing Cavalier (1624)
Jacob Adriaensz. Backer, Portrait of an Elderly Woman (1632)
Studio of Rembrandt, A Boy in Fanciful Costume (1633)
Govaert Flinck, A Young Archer (c. 1639 – c. 1640)

Ferdinand Bol, The Toper (c. 1650 – c. 1651)
Willem Drost, Young Woman in a Brocade Gown (c.1654)
Bartolomeus van der Helst, Jochem van Aras with his Wife and Daughter (1654)
Joan van Noordt, A Boy with a Falcon and Leash (c. 1665); A Boy with a Falcon (c. 1665)
Caspar Netscher, A Child plucking a Rose (1669); A Young Lady playing the Guitar (1669)
Attributed to Aert de Gelder, Portrait of a Young Woman (c.1680-1700)

Week Three -  France in the long Eighteenth Century

This week we will see portraiture move through the intimacy of the Rococo, and out into the public world of Neo-Classicism. The century’s emerging sense of interiority and an increasing division between the private and public selves leads to the creation of celebrity.

(After François Clouet, Mary, Queen of Scots (c. 1560 – 1580)
(Corneille de Lyon, The duc d’Étampes (c. 1536 – 1540))
French School, Madame de Ventadour with Portraits of Louis XIV and his Heirs (1715 – 1720)
Jean-Marc Nattier, Mademoiselle de Clermont en sultane (1733); The comtesse de Tillières (1750); The marquise de Belestat (1755)
Francois Boucher, Portrait of Madame de Pompadour (1759)
Studio of Louis-Michel Vanloo, Louis XV (c. 1761 – 1771)
Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Sophie Arnould (c. 1773); Portrait of a Lady (c. 1786)
Jean Antoine Houdon, Bust of Madame Victoire de France, (1777); Bust of Madame de Sérilly (1782)
Élisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun, The comte d’Espagnac (1786); Madame Perregaux (1789)
Antoine-Jean Gros, General Bonaparte reviewing Troops (probably c. 1802)
Pierre-Paul Prud’hon, The Empress Josephine (1805 – 1809)

Week Four – Self and Society in British Portraits

Thomas Gainsborough, Miss Elizabeth Haverfield (early 1780s); Mrs Mary Robinson (Perdita) (1781);
Joshua Reynolds, Miss Nelly O’Brien (c. 1762 – 1763); Mrs Susanna Hoare and Child (1763 – 1764); Mrs Elizabeth Carnac (c. 1775); Miss Jane Bowles (c. 1775); Mrs Mary Nesbitt (1781); Lady Elizabeth Seymour-Conway (1781); Frances, Countess of Lincoln (1781 – 1782); Mrs Mary Robinson (1783 – 1784); Mrs Jane Braddyll (1788)
George Romney, Mrs Mary Robinson (1780 – 1781)
Thomas Lawrence, Portrait of a Lady (c. 1795 – c. 1800); Portrait of a Lady (1800); Margaret, Countess of Blessington (1822); George IV (1822); The 3rd Marquess of Hertford (c. 1823

who will be teaching this course?

robin on 18 January 2016

Hi Robin, the course will be taught by Dr Sara Ayres. Sara has been a guide lecturer at the Wallace Collection since 2014. She gained her PhD from Birkbeck University in 2011 and is about to start as a postdoctoral researcher at the National Portrait Gallery looking at the portrayal of British and Danish royals marrying into each other’s houses and the portrayal of Danish cultural celebs in Britain. If you’d still like to book we still have some spaces available.

Marie on 21 January 2016