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A future for the past? Museums in the 21st Century

On Monday 9 March 2015 the Wallace Collection hosted a special one-off discussion, examining the state of the arts sector in the wake of substantial government cuts and addressing the pertinent question of what will have happened to our museums five years from now?

Initiated by Director of the Wallace Collection Christoph Vogtherr, the discussion was the first of its kind to be held by a national museum, adding a crucial voice to the public debate surrounding arts funding.

Vogtherr brought this idea to fruition through discussion with critic, curator and academic Robert Hewison, whose recent book Cultural Capital: The Rise and fall of Creative Britain was praised by The Guardian to have “come at an excellent time to influence the thinking of the next government.” They decided to chair a discussion open to the public, with a balanced, representative panel covering national and regional museums, comprising of Christoph Vogtherr, Robert Hewison, David Anderson (Director General of National Museums Wales) and Maria Balshaw (Director of the Whitworth Gallery and Manchester City Galleries).
The panel was moderated by Fiammetta Rocco, editor of arts and books at The Economist.

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