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Art Everwhere UK is back this summer!

This summer Art Everywhere, the outdoor art exhibition, returns for a 6 week long celebration of the best of British art. Last year the charitable project hit the streets for a fortnight with over 22,000 billboards and poster sites of great art from UK public collections. This year we are very excited to announce that Edwin (Henry) Landseer’s The Arab Tent has been nominated! Landseer was a very popular painter in Victorian England and could even count Queen Victoria amongst his admirers. This painting of an Arab mare and her foal was exhibited in the Royal Academy in 1866 and represents Landseer’s response to the fashionable Orientalist themes of the time.


Vote now on the Art Everywhere UK Facebook page or email Landseer to before 30th June to see The Arab Tent on posters across the country as Art Everywhere takes art to the streets!


The Arab Tent is my most favorite painting by Landseer; absolutely the very best.

Sandra Baldry on 18 June 2014