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Our new StickyWorld!

We are always looking for fresh and interesting ways to use new technologies to connect with our visitors. For the last 8 months we have been working with the team at StickyWorld  to capture our Great Gallery refurbishment project.

This initiative has been funded by IC tomorrow, part of the Technology Strategy Board. IC tomorrow supports innovation and economic growth in the digital sector by running a range of funded contests. One of these contests linked digital start-up companies with leading cultural organisations and the Wallace Collection was lucky to be partnered with StickyWorld. The money provided by IC tomorrow has allowed StickyWorld to develop their platform using HTML5 and allowed us to document one of our most exciting projects of recent years; the refurbishment of the Great Gallery. The gallery is currently closed until summer 2014, but our new StickyWorld allows you to explore how the gallery used to look and lets you link to information about the objects that were previously displayed there, much of which is now in store. We are also posting photos of the build as the project progresses and you can comment and ask questions to museum staff by leaving virtual sticky notes on the slides. We’ll do our best to answer them all!

You can visit the room by clicking on the image above.

Please do try this exciting new application. We’re really interested to know what you think!

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