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Silk Painting with Aaina and West Hampstead Women’s Groups

Since June, I have been visiting Aaina and West Hampstead Women’s groups to continue working on the group’s beautiful and very long silk scrolls. So far the ladies have dyed their long pieces of silk lots of very different and vibrant colours. They have also planned and sketched the drawings for their silks which are inspired by the themes of ’Travel’ and ‘Journeys’ with the ladies thinking about the long journeys they made in moving to England many years ago and the modes of transport they used to get here. The ladies have also thought about their favourite holiday destinations and landmarks from around the world as well as famous landmarks from their indigenous countries. The groups have created beautiful designs based upon these themes embellished with gorgeous flower and patterning designs. Once they had their drawings on paper the ladies put their paper under their silk and traced over the lines using special Gutta pens and paint.  The Gutta acts as a wall to stop the flow of silk paint and therefore defines the outline of designs. Once the Gutta is painted onto the silk the ladies apply silk paints to add lots of exciting colours to their silks. So far the groups have created some incredibly beautiful and very skilled designs and are currently enjoying experimenting with the variety of colours and effects the silk paints can achieve. Here are some pictures of the groups, their designs and the Gutta and painting process;

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26 July 2012

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