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Designing vases with Newham Family Learning Groups

On the 18th May, myself Alex Hirtzel (Freelance Artist) and Sobia Khan (Arts Educator) visited Newham Family Learning Groups to conitue work on the group’s vases which will be participant’s final display pieces and will feature in the community exhibition which will be on show in the Wallace Collection during January and February 2013.

To make their vase designs participants looked back on all of the artwork they have completed since January and especially the collages that they produced in March. From these artworks participants picked out details and patterns and copied these designs onto outlines of their vases drawn onto paper.  All of the artwork that the groups have made during this project have been inspired by the themes of ‘Spice’, ‘Journeys’, ‘Identity’, ‘Treasures’ and ‘Inside Out’.

To transfer the group’s designs onto the vases the participants’ drawings and photographs were scanned into the computer and edited so that drawings were either enlarged, shrunk, rotated or repeated and so that images were coloured blue. The group’s designs are blue to reflect the Delft ceramic tradition of creating blue and white ware. Once edited, designs were printed onto lazertran transfer paper which participants  cut out and applied to their vases using water, sponges and hairdryers to permanently fix the designs onto the vases.  Next week participants will use glass paints to add embellishments to their vases. The result will be the creation of some traditional looking Delft vases with a quite contemporary and autobiographical twist.

Below are some photos of the groups hard at work and the beautiful vase designs they created.

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22 May 2012

Tribute to Sophie Martin, Alex Hertzel and Sobia Khan

This was an absolutely stunning opportunity provided for our community. Please do accept our heartfelt sincere gratitude for enabling participants to create this amazing output in the form of art work! The participants really appreciate your efforts and generosity given throughout the project.

Irene Siriwardana (Newham Family Learning Project)

Irene Siriwardana on 1 June 2012