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Pattern Workshop 10th February

On the 10th February myself, Alex Hirtzel (freelance artist) and Sobia Khan (Arts Educator) visited Oliver Thomas Nursery School and Elmhurst Primary School to work with their Newham Family Learning Groups and delivered creative art workshops experimenting with Pattern.

During this workshop participants drew inspiration from images of spices, the Wallace Collection’s Dutch Masterpieces and their own cultures to create four pattern designs based around the themes of ‘Spice’ , ‘Identity’, ‘Treasures’ and ‘Journeys’.

Participants created their patterns using pencils, tracing paper and their imagination. They then went over their pencil designs in felt tips so their patterns would stand out when scanned into the computer

The scanned images of the participant’s patterns will be printed out onto Lazertran transfer paper which will be applied to the final silk pieces and vases that project participants will create for their exhibition which will be held at the Wallace Collection in January and February 2013.

During the workshop participants created some really beautiful designs and particularly enjoyed creating patterns based on Henna designs and Dutch tile designs. Here are some pictures of the groups busy at work and the patterns they created.

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Posted by The Wallace Collection
14 February 2012

Thank you Alex and Sobia . I just want to congratulate you on the intensity and amazing work you have carried out with the groups and what has been yielded within such short space of time.
Can’t wait to meet everyone at the next exciting Wallace Collection meeting with everyone and ofcourse looking forward to the super exhibition next year.
I am one of the Community Ambassador and our group is also excited about the project.
Keep on the good work.


Khosi Manaka on 14 February 2012