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New Catalogue of Sculpture Underway

François Anguier, The Borghese Dancers, 1642/3
François Anguier, The Borghese Dancers, 1642/3

The Wallace Collection is renowned for its series of scholarly catalogues of the collections, recent volumes of which include Sèvres Porcelain (1988), Pictures (1985–92) and Furniture (1995). The next major part of the Collection to be the subject of a specialized catalogue will be the important collection of sculpture, last catalogued by James Mann as long ago as 1931. Head Curator Jeremy Warren will be working over the next 3–5 years on the catalogue and, thanks to the generosity of Mr Peter Marino, will be assisted by Leda Cosentino as Peter Marino Research Assistant. Watch out for news of discoveries!

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12 February 2008

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